Why slot machine is often referred to as the ‘crack cocaine’ in the gambling world?

Wondering why is slot machine game so very addictive? Confused why slot machine game is known as ‘crack cocaine’ game in the realm of gambling? This section will answer to all the questions. More number of people gets hooked to ‘pokies’, ‘slots’ and the ‘fruit machine’. The winning hand on the slot occurs only a few times or once in a while. Slot machines use ‘intermittent reinforcement’ whereby a person is awarded once in a while but the kind of reinforcement is extremely powerful. As the person is awarded only a few times, it creates addictive reaction which again results to obsession. If you get rewards a fewer times, it is sure to create addiction or even obsession with the game. When there is intermittent winning spin, there is a sort of rush in the dopamine level. You will desire to play more and more. The very action of gambling and spinning the reel is addictive and euphoric in its own way. Dopamine in the brain plays an important role and is very powerful. People who intake drugs to increase the dopamine level when they suffer from Parkinson’s have a strong desire to gamble. The obsession stops when they stop using the medicine. Daftar agen slot joker123 is a highly addictive game.

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The various reasons why it is labelled as ‘crack cocaine’

Addiction to slot machine game is often referred to as ‘crack cocaine’ since the game is very addictive. Crack Cocaine is actually a highly addictive drug or narcotic. Just like the intake of crack cocaine accelerates the progression of addiction, playing a slot machine and winning a few odds can create same kind of addiction and give you the same kind of feeling. Other gambling games are not that additive. You may quickly get addicted to a slot machine. The game is very fun-filled and exciting. Both kinds of addictions lead to despair, debasement or despondency. You can hence compare both addictions as they bear a lot of many similarities.

Slot machines and crack cocaine

  • Slot machines are made by specialists and psychologists in a way that they seduce people and make them addictive
  • The multi-line electronic slot machines do feature color and graphics that stimulate and compel the eyes.
  • The music of the video slot machine is also stimulating, seductive and repetitive. The music is truly reinforcing that compels you to play for money.
  • There are several bonus rounds and free spins to attract the player and mostly the newbie. Bonus round is a great opportunity to play for free. Welcome bonus is like free earning at the start.
  • The speed of the play and the slot machines keep the adrenaline rush pumping.
  • The jackpot of the slot machine is quite huge and if you win the jackpot, you may even become a millionaire. This keeps people motivated to stake more and more.

You may play casino slot 99onlinesports only by expending a few dollars. It is easy to play slot machine and needs little skill. You just have to push the button without any contemplation and keep winning.